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More important than price.

Building and remodeling is a very emotional business.  Make sure you like and can get along with your contractor and can communicate easily.  You will be spending a lot of time together especially in remodeling.
Of course the same thing goes for the contractor, make sure you like and can get along with the owner. During the first few meetings if either the owner or contractor has a bad feeling about this, walk away.  It will save a lot of grief.

Replacement windows

When considering replacement windows, first look at your house and type of construction.  If you presently have steel or aluminum windows, vinyl replacements will work and look good.
If your house has wood windows, vinyl replacements will look just like they are-cheap. I have seen vinyl replacements (which should have been wood), installed by large window companies which were held in place with caulk.  How long do you think this will last ?
Pella, Marvin and Andersen all have wood replacements that slide easily into existing openings where the original window frame is in good shape.
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